R. Rook Studio

Founded in 2019 by Richard Ruane, R. Rook Studio is the creator of Barrow Keep, Sherwood | A Game of Outlaws & Arcana, My Chivalric Bromance, and Moonlight on Roseville Beach

Barrow Keep

A romantic fantasy setting that brings together the intrigue of Game of Thrones with the magic of authors like Robin Hobb or Mercedes Lackey, Barrow Keep launched in 2020 as part of Zine Quest 2. Thefirst volume, Barrow Keep: Den of Spies, was nominated for an IGDN Groundbreaker Award for Best Setting.

Print copies of Barrow Keep: Den of Spies available from Spear Witch, Exalted Funeral, and The Twenty Sided Store. PDF copies are available from Itch and DriveThruRPG.

Download Handouts & Adventures

For GMs. There are two Barrow Keep set in Barrow Keep: Den of Spies setting: Treacherous Kin and The Wildwoods Ambassador. Both include stats for Old School Essentials (Dungeons & Dragons BX), Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, and Troika!

For Players. There are short lifepath playbooks for eight characters who live in Barrow Keep and know its intrigues and factions: Old School Essentials and Labyrinth Lord (D&D BX), Sharp Swrods & Sinister Spells, and Troika!

Standalone Game: Now in Beta

If you're interested in the Barrow Keep setting, but want a standalone game, you can try the free beta rules inspired by Pretendo Games 2400.

Moonlight on Roseville Beach

A Queer Game of Disco & Cosmic Horror

R. Rook Kickstarted Moonlight on Roseville Beach in November 2021 with an expected release in fall 2022. Roseville Beach is currently available as a Quickstart Game on Itch and DriveThru. Preorder the full book for 2022 delivery below or via the previews and preorders Itch page.


A Game of Outlaws & Arcana

A stand-alone game of 2d6 action with character creation, rules of play, and ready-to-run adventures.

No matter where you started—as a merchant, a performer, a peasant, a knight—you found yourself an outlaw in the greenwood. In this Fueled by the Void game of a fantastical 13th century England, take up arms against tyrants, keep your people safe, and fight for justice when law fails.

Pick up Sherwood | A Game of Outlaws & Arcana on Itch or DriveThruRPG, or pick up the free quickstart. Print copies will be available from Spear Witch.

My Chivalric Bromance

Exiled Knights for from Home

My Chivalric Bromance is a game about exiled LGBTQ+ knights and their queer companions living as strangers in strange lands. This book includes the core rules for an old-school-style game of exiles wandering the world and having adventures.

Pick up My Chivalric Bromance on Itch or on DriveThruRPG. Once print copies are ready, they will be available from Exalted Funeral.

The Infinite Void

A Spelljammer-inspired setting of comet cities, elder gods, and dark magic. Created in 2020 with the release of Freebooting Rogues of the Infinite Void (originally titled Chronicles of the Spacejammer) for Troika!, The Infinite Void got its own system in 2021 with the release of Enoch's Wake: A Player's Guide to the Infinite Void.

Purchase digital copies of Enoch's Wake on Itch or DriveThruRPG. Physical copies available from Spear Witch, Exalted Funeral, and The Twenty Sided Store. Also available in the UK from Rook's Press and in Canada from Monkey's Paw.

Purchase digital copies of Freebooting Roques on Itch or DriveThruRPG. Pick up physical copies at Spear Witch or Exalted Funeral.

Playing Enoch's Wake with an online group? Try out the Enoch's Wake Character Keeper for tracking everyone's characters.


Dragonmaw Cave

A D&D Funnel Adventure

For current and classic editions of D&D! Complete with rules for 0-level play and character creation options including new classes and legacies.

This fantasy funnel adventure for classic or "old school" editions of D&D sends the PCs as a group of villagers to find out why their valley's reclusive protector—the brass dragon Olkana—has gone missing. You can pick it up on DriveThru or get physical copies at Exalted Funeral or The Twenty Sided Store.

A Quiet Midwinter

An Old School Hallmark Holiday Heist

Your party may be in the middle of trying to lift the gifts of the fey lord Archon Winter from right under his sleigh-pulling wolfhounds' noses, but everyone else in the little town of Quiet displays all the Hallmarks of a romantic holiday crisis. Designed for classic Basic D&D and Old School Essentials, this easily converts to other D&D style games. You can pick it up on Itch or DriveThru.

Wreck of the Void Hatred

An Old School Expedition in the Cold of Winter

The pirate Ashur Bael offended the gods of Mount Caz, so they struck his airship, The Void Hatred, from the sky. Thunderbolts tore away the dirigible balloon and slammed the gondola into the cliffs of the holy mountain. Its crew dead, the haunted ship sits on a thin shelf of ice over the bottomless Gorge of Zin. Its engines, fueled by fire elementals, still burn, slowly melting their frozen perch and threatening to explode. Designed for old-school renaissance games, this easily converts to other D&D style systems. You can pick it up on Itch or DriveThru.

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Working with Richard for Zine Month 2023

While I'm excited about my projects for 2023, I'm also interested in working with you on Zine Month and Zine Quest!I began working in TTRPGs in 1999 with White Wolf Publishing and went on to work as a writer and editor for educational media. I have contributed to Gauntlet Codex, Sunken, and Eat Trash Be Free.

Writing & Game Design

As a game writer and designer, my first loves are setting development, scenario design, character creation systems, microfiction, and flash fiction.Genres: Fantasy and horror, with an emphasis on historical fantasy, urban fantasy, cosmic horror, and paranormal romance.Systems: D&D B/X and retroclones, Troika!, Traveller and Cepheus, PbtA, and OSR and NSR systems.Rates: I generally charge at least $.10/word, but for independent creators, especially new independent creators, I'm excited to negotiate and find ways to work together.

Consulting & Editing

Editing and Reading: Developmental editing and "beta" or first reading.Ebooks: ePub creation, PDF and ePub accessibility, and PDF/UA standards.Promotion: Kickstarter campaign management and press kit development.Rates: For editing, reading, consulting, and promotion work, I usually charge a minimum of $30/hour, but if you're an independent creator with a strict budget, I'd love to talk to you about what you can afford.

Interested? Contact me at R. Rook Studio using the form below.

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